Bembangan Saguio 5

Bembang Productions returns to Saguijo!

Did you know that Bembang Productions was one of the very first production outfits at Saguijo? True story. The very first Bembangan Saguijo was on August 20, 2004 (holy rusted metal, Batman!).

Not really sure what happened, but (I think) we stopped after 4 prods. So, here it is, our 5th Saguijo event in 10 years! (That sucks.)

Here’s hoping that this will continue regularly from hereon. See you!

The (stellar) lineup:

The poster:

Bembangan Saguijo 2014


On July 25, 2014, Bembang Productions will have its first production for 2014, entitled DREDDBANG!

The dirt

Where: Club DREDD, Eastwood Citywalk, Libis (2nd floor of Gweilos Bar and Restaurant)

Major sponsors:


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Other sponsors:

  • DARKUSCASE – local manufacturer of bags and accessories serving the needs of artists and musicians in the Philippines.

Supported by:

The poster

DREDD Bang 03